(it)couldn’t have / happened to a nicer / bloke person – se lo merecía

I hear Ed has just won 150000€ on the lottery. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke!


guardian angel – angel de la guarda

a Knight in shining armour – salvador

-So there we were, no petrol, cold, wet and completely lost in the middle of nowhere, and then this Knight in shining armour appears out of nowhere in a Volvo and solves all our problems in a 20 minutes.


to have a heart of gold – ser un buenazo, ser un trozo de pan

-I know she can give the impression at times that she’s a difficult person, but she really does have a heart of gold, you know.


(one’s) heart’s in the right place – ser buena persona

-What she said about the Project was really stupid, and offensive!

-Well, I know what you mean, but her heart is in the right place.

-Is it? Well I can tell you that her head isn’t!


(to be) a real catch – ser un buen partido

-She’s got everything; brain, beuty, money… and oh, yes, a wonderful personality; she’s a real catch


(the) Salt of the Earth – íntegro, sencillo y honrado, como Dios manda

-And this photo is Ana, who used to work here. Woderful person, the salt of the Earth.




(to be) bad news – no es trigo limpio, da mal rollo

-I wouldn’t go near her; she’s bad news.


a fair-weather friend – amigo de conveniencia

-I did warn you, didn’t I, about your fair-weather friends? Now look at the mess they’ve Leith you in.


his bark’s worse than his bit – perro ladrador poco mordedor

-Don’t worry about the manager; he talks as if he’s a dictador, but it’s only for the sake of appearance.

-So hes bark’s worse than his bit, eh?


a kick in the teeth – patada en la entrepierna

-There was no need to say that to him.

Couldn’t you see the state he was in? Do you think he needed a Kick in the teeth?


(to be) a pain in the arse/ass/butt* – ser un coñazo

-Know what you are? You are a pain in the ass, sister!


(to be) a pain in the neck – ser un rollo

-Having to wait around all day for the electrician to come is a real pain in the neck.


(it) takes all sorts (to make a World) – de todo hay en la viña del Señor

-Some of the people in the pub were really quite rude.

-Well, it takes all sorts, doesn’t it?


He thinks he’s God’s gift to women – Se cree es el único gallo del corral

-So what did you think of your dat last night?

-Not much; he thinks he’s God’s gift to women; I won’t be seeing him again.


he/she thinks the World owes him/her a living – cree que tiene derecho a que se lo den todo regalado, va de sobrado, se cree el novamás

-So what did you think of that last candidate for the job?

-Well, he thinks the World owes him a living. Let’s see if we have any normal people waiting.


(all) sweetness and Light – la mar de amable

-So he Leith his wife, went off for two years with this other woman, then asked her to take him back, and she did, and now it’s all sweetness and light.