(to be) done in – estar rendido, estar para el arrastre

  • How was work today?
  • Awful; we had costumers coming in non-stop all day. I don’t think I sat down once. I’m done in.


(to be) done to death – estar muy visto, ser mas de lo mismo

-You might think “Oh, not another film about the Holocaust!” Hasn’t this subject been done to death?, but you’d be wrong to miss this powerful new film by…


to hit the sack / to hit the hay – irse a sobar, irse al sobre

Shit, is taht the time? I think we’ d better hit the sack, don’t you?


(to be) pooped – estar agotado

(to be) Knackered – estar reventado, estar petado

(to be) shagged out – estar hecho polvo

  • And how are you tonight, love?
  • Absolutely knackered
  • You mean pooped, I think, Darling.
  • Do it?




(to get/give/have) a new lease of/on life – (tener) renovadas ganas de vivir un nuevo aliciente en la vida.

  • Marrying that Russian girl 20 years younger than him seems to have given him a new lease of life, don’t you think?
  • Something like that


and still going strong – tener cuerda para rato

…and here’s a video clip from the latest live album from the Rolling Stones, founded in 1962, yes, 1962!, and still going Sorong


(to be) full of beans – rebosar de energía , tener las pilas puestas

-God, you’re full of beans today: have you been taking something?


(to be) raring to go – estar que no se aguanta, morirse por empezar, no poder aguantar mas.

-With this year’s Tour de France about to begin, let’s look at some of the trams that are raring to go, First, Euskadel-Euskadi


to set the world on FIRE – comerse el mundo

-When you’re young of course you think that you’re going to set the World on fire, but when you get to my age