ALEGRIA (Happyness)


(to be) blown away – (estar) loco de contento

over the moon – en el séptimo cielo

thrilled to bits – encantado de la vida

-How do you feel about being named coordinator for the Social Sciences Department?

-I’m over the moon, especially considering how inexperienced I am compared to some other people here.


(to be) happy as a sandboy / Larry / a clud – (estar) más contento que unas pascuas

happy as a clam at high water – feliz como una perdiz

-How’s María Jose?

-Happy as Larry, she says. She loves her job in the Creative Department.


Make my day – dame una alegría / a ver si me vas a dar el día

-I’m afraid I’ve got some news for you.

-Go on, make may day.


TRISTEZA (Sadness)


(to feel) down in the dumps – poner cara larga / estar depre / alicaído

Why are you feeling down in the dumps? Is it because of something at school or at home?


(to be) in the doldrums – (estar) con la moral por los suelos / (estar) abatido

-How’s Dani?

-Hmmm…. In the doldrums at present, still looking for a job and wondering about her future.


(to be) sad-assed* – (estar) puteado* – ( estar) triste

That is one sad-assed town! No way am I gonna go there again.